Monday, 16 December 2013

Questions and answers

So I've been looking at some of the other blogs from the bloggers who have joined the 2014 blogging challenge and I came across this post of Kathryne's  over on confessionsofanessexgirl. I thought I'd give it a go and add some of my own questions too.

1) What you wearing?
Well currently a massive snuggly sparkly jumper and pyjama bottoms, not the most attractive but extremely comfy on a cold winters night!

2) Ever been in love?
Yes! I am madly in love with my fiancé Tom :)

3) Ever had a terrible breakup?
Also Yes! I've been cheated on and taken advantage of in terms of my loyalty a few times.

4) How tall are you?
5ft 2in, I like being small apart from Zara's trousers are about a foot too long for me.

5) How long does it take for you to get ready in a morning?
Not long at all, I plan the night before, usually 20-30mins if I have to style my hair, if not 10mins

6) Any tattoos?
Yes, my first was a small star on my wrist, then I got some more stars on the inside of my ankle. I also have two swallows one on my hip and one on my ribs, but no more, that's it now!

7) Any piercings?
Just a few in my ears, I used to have my belly button, Madonna and bottom lip done but I took them out when I finished uni.

8) Favourite show?
Oh I have too many! Currently it's Bones, I love crime series like csi, dexter, body of proof, the mentalist

9) Favourite bands?
I'm gunna sound really daft now, I used to be really into music and now I only listen to the radio in the car,

10) Something you miss?
I miss education, I love learning new things which was one of the great things about being a teacher, I'd get told I'd have to teach biology next week so I'd have to go and research it and relearn it all. I would like to get on a course in the new year but there all so expensive :(

11) How old are you?
27! Although I get I'd every time I try to buy booze! I will be happy for looking young when I'm 60.

12) Favourite colour?

13) Style Era?
60s and 70s

14) Style icon?
There's too many! I love the boho look and someone who does that really well is Nicole Richie who I love also Rachel Zoe, the Olsen twins.

15) Favourite food?
I love anything sweet, any desert I will gladly eat. I'm a vegetarian, simply because I don't like the taste of meat so I love cooking and coming up with healthy meat free alternatives.

16) Place you want to visit?
New York

17) Favourite piece of jewellery?
My new Michael Korrs watch! And also my engagement ring

18) Make up look?
I usually just use tinted moisturiser, apply a black cat eyeliner, mascara and a nude lip. At the moment I'm also wearing a dark plum matte lipstick.

19) Nails?
I always wear nail varnish, I change it every couple of days. I have quite a few and I love trying new brands, my fav though is defiantly OPI, I've also recently been loving Revlon. I'm defiantly wearing a lot of dark autumnal colours at the moment and xmas glitter!

20) Heels or flats?
Heels! I'm rather short so I wear heels daily ( not ridiculously high though) and wedges are defiantly my favourites. Currently I'm enjoying wearing my flat lace up Primark boots though, defiantly needed to keep my feet warm when walking the dog!

Comment below and leave a link if you decide to do this or have done anything similar! I'd love to read your answers

Sunday, 15 December 2013

2014 Blogger Challenge

The New Year is a time for trying new things and starting fresh so when I saw the Blogger Challenge over on Gaby's blog I jumped at the chance of taking part. As someone new to blogging I think this is an excellent way to make some new friends and kick start the new blogging year!

"The challenge is to write a blogpost twice a month about different topics. The topic ideas are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about"

Entry for the challenge is now closed but I was very excited to hear there were 390 participants, I can't wait to read as many blogs as I can! Head over to Gaby's blog to check the participant list out:

Saturday, 7 December 2013


If you have read my 'about me' section then you will know that I have a Pug! His name is Eddie and he is 3 years old. Now I'm the first to admit that I am a crazy pug lady, I adore this crazy pug and he is a proper pampered pooch. Anyone who has dogs will tell you each dog has their own personality and Eddie is no different! We got him when he was 1 and he had already lost one of his eyes because of an ulcer, believe me this does not stop him from doing anything and he certainly causes plenty of mischief.

Pugs all seem to share the same little quirks and the artist Gemma Correll captures these perfectly! I love her artwork and have cards and postcards in frames all over the house. Her book about pugs is definatly on my xmas wishlist.

Does anyone else have pugs or dogs?

Friday, 1 November 2013

Pound Shop Haul!

With the run up to Xmas I've been visting different places each weekend in the hopes of getting my xmas shopping done early. Now i'm not saying I do all my Xmas shopping at pound shops! but I think they are brilliant for stocking fillers especially when you find items like this!

I bought lots of OPI Crackle Nail Lacquer in Gold, Purple, Green and Black and Revlon Nail Enamels in a midnight blue and a taupe/mink colour all for £1 each! I absolutly love nail varnish so of course I had to get one of each for myself.

I'm guessing OPI Crackle hasn't been a big seller which is why the pound shops have it in but I have to say I love it, it's instant nail art to me and covers up a multitude of nail sins.

Heres a manicure I did with my new haul.

What I Used: OPI Nail Envy I love OPI and their Nail Envy has really helped strengthen my nails so I use two coats as a base coat. I then put two coats of the Revlon Nail Enamel 791 in Midnight Blue ontop and I was really impressed with the shine and coverage. I will definatly be going for Revlon again!

Next, time for the OPI Crackle coat in Crackle Gold! The instructions that came with the crackle say that the basecoat must be completley dry before you apply it. Here are my nails once applyed, I am really happy with them! I just added a OPI top coat in clear to finish it off and done.

And I must say that this is wearing very well, I usually chip my nails the same day but two days on its hanging in there!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

First post!

Hi everyone! For agesssss now I've wanted to start a blog, every year I tell myself it will be my new years resolution so I am finally jumping in and giving it a go. I read a lot of blogs and they really give me inspiration and guidance so hopefully I'll be able to do the same. Thanks for visiting and watch this space! Xxx