Friday, 11 April 2014

Topic 7: Photo Challenge

So this is my day in pictures, to be honest this was hard as I kept forgetting to take pics!
(left to right)
1) Me: just woken up, I let my hair dry naturally and woke up with a right bushy barnett
2) Me: with make up and hair done!
3) My outfit for the day, leather leggings! I love these at the moment, they're perfect with my expanding waistline
4) Eddie asleep on the sofa
5) Me and Tom: we went into town shopping in the morning and bought new sunglasses
6) Eddie on his walk
7,8 &9) we went to a Pug meet in the afternoon, there were 10 or so other Pugs which was great, we got lots of pug snuggles!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Catching up: Topic 6 food

I love the idea for this challenge because I LOVE food; eating, cooking baking, mmmm especially the eating. If you have a healthy, balanced diet then you can eat whatever you want and not feel guilty about it which is certainly how I live. If I want a massive piece of chocolate cake I will have one because I don’t eat it every day and I balance my intake with exercise and activity.

Food has been a touchy subject as of late though with my morning sickness as I couldn’t keep anything down, all I wanted for a few weeks was carbs to replace all my lost energy and I have been rather grouchy to my other half who has been a saint putting up with me! I’m managing much better now and have found I need to eat every couple of hours to stop be from being sick (it makes no sense I know) but I’m determined to have a healthy pregnancy and not to put on any weight that the baby doesn’t need so it’s all about healthy snacking! Hence the topic for my post!

Here’s some of the snacks I’ve been eating:

1.       Veg and hummus: Hummus is one of my fav foods,  just make sure you’re eating a suitable portion; I have quarter of a tub which I weight out and put in a separate tub for work , this way you know you’re not overindulging and eating more calories than you should. I eat mine with carrot and cucumber sticks.

2.       Coconut Greek yoghurt: Again you need to watch your portion if it’s in a large tub, I love this so much I would eat the whole thing if I didn’t stop myself. With my taste changing at the moment this really is the only yoghurt I can stomach I don’t know why, I do intend to eat normal Greek yoghurt (I like Greek because it has a higher protein value and keeps me satisfied for longer) with fruit/ oats when I can stomach it again.

3.       Fruit: how simple is this! At the moment I love oranges, I think because I can’t drink too much otherwise I’m sick my body is desperate for hydration!  Also fresh pineapple and apples, simple and easy!

4.       Trail Mix: I’ve been making trail mix (cheaper to make than to buy and you can put in exactly what you like) out of raisins, nuts; cashews and peanuts, dried fruit mix like papaya and banana and Cheerios!

5.       Peanut butter and banana on Ryvita: Ok so Ryvita do taste a bit like cardboard but when you smother them in peanut butter and banana there not so bad and they’re low cal and high in fibre.

What are your favourite healthy snacks?