Friday, 11 April 2014

Topic 7: Photo Challenge

So this is my day in pictures, to be honest this was hard as I kept forgetting to take pics!
(left to right)
1) Me: just woken up, I let my hair dry naturally and woke up with a right bushy barnett
2) Me: with make up and hair done!
3) My outfit for the day, leather leggings! I love these at the moment, they're perfect with my expanding waistline
4) Eddie asleep on the sofa
5) Me and Tom: we went into town shopping in the morning and bought new sunglasses
6) Eddie on his walk
7,8 &9) we went to a Pug meet in the afternoon, there were 10 or so other Pugs which was great, we got lots of pug snuggles!

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